viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014


“The most painful and jealously guarded secrets are perhaps the ones that everyone around us knows. Stupid tragedies. Useless tears.” 

Crop-top: Pimkie
Jeans: Pull n'bear (man collection)
Shoes: Stradivarius
Nirvana bag: DIY
Book: Nada by Carmen Laforet
Sunglasses: H&M

The old pink house and the blonde girl with double buns who's reading a book. 
Waiting for something,
but nothing happens. 

“I had to smile to myself. In only a day or two, life seemed different from the way I'd always conceived of it. Complicated and very simple at the same time.” 

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 [All quotes for Nada by Carmen Laforet- Now you know you have to read that book]

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Alexis Cam dijo...

Great book, great post
Love ur style!

Damian Nieborak dijo...
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Coline Chavaroche dijo...

j'adore les espadrilles!

Nouveau post en ligne sur le blog :
Coline ♥

Laura Gutiérrez dijo...

Lof yaaa my babies! You're amazing in all the ways

Rafaela dijo...

Nice outfit and great photos!!

Marie B dijo...

Tenue parfaite, j'adore ça te va super bien !

Bon week-end, bisous :)

Margaret Dallospedale dijo...

OMG Sweetheart
You look awesome
Love your crop top
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

Elisabeth Green dijo...

Wow love your vintage look and your pics. Like your blog so much. Congrats beautiful :)

Aibina Yeshkeyeva dijo...

So stylish look! <3

Visa dijo...

rad fit! love the top and your hairstyle. really cool backdrop as well.

Anónimo dijo...

Love the look! The crop is amazing :)

WritingMonique dijo...

you look amazing :) I love the bag!

BeLL beLL dijo...

i do love your outfit! care to follow via gfc? lemme know if u did, so i can follow you back too! much love! ♥

hillary dijo...

You are lovely.

annajoanna dijo...

Great look!
Love the jeans.

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